Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buck Fever, and a new convert

 I lost a huge rainbow today while trying to be "professorial" with my nephew.  I'd hooked what had to be a 20+ inch rainbow that put on an aerial show for us, and while I was in the process of handing the rod to my nephew Brenden to play the fish, I wrapped my finger around the fly line just as the fish began another run downstream.  Fish gone.  Fly gone.  Leader significantly shorter.  One of those moments you don't get back.  Just like the other THREE trout I managed to lose today after hooking up with them.  SHEESH!  

No matter.  Got to watch my brother-in-law nail a picky Poudre brown on a dry fly.  Very cool.  He played it perfectly, brought it to shore, and watched as I promptly lost it for him prior to the picture taking! Brenden remarked very dryly that I might have considered bringing a net. Not a bad idea.

At the very least, I got some photos of Matt playing the brown so his wife can't accuse us of fabricating anything. Yes, Heather, the rod tip is bending forward, indicating that said fish is indeed attached to Matt's BWO dry. The pictures are also evidence for my brother, who occasionally accuses me of using Photoshop to enhance my credentials as a fisherman, which might include some highly infrequent exaggeration. Matt's integrity, however, is beyond reproach!

Success comes in different ways on the river. I'll give up a catch or two to watch a new fly fisherman land a trout on a dry anytime. And Brenden, next time I'll just pass the rod and keep my mouth shut.

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