Sunday, July 4, 2010

Little Revolutionaries

Happy 4th of July!

After church, I postponed sinking my teeth into a thick t-bone for a couple quick hours on the Poudre.  The park along the river, which I expected to be jammed full of patriotic revelers, was nearly empty.  Puzzled, I decided to take advantage.

The revelers were in the water, and they showed themselves to be fish born out of the tradition established by the founders of this country - revolutionaries with the odds stacked against them!  Like this nation in its infancy, the little Poudre rebels fought with a tenacity well beyond their small stature.   

Believe it or not, the fish shown above was NOT the smallest fish I caught today.  I took his photo because - other than a larger brown I caught later in the afternoon - he fought unbelievably hard, jumping four or five times before I pulled him in and turned him loose. 

One thing's for sure:  I seem to have mastered the art of catching the small fish, but as of yet I haven't seen one over 12 inches.  Still fun, but I'm wondering where the sizable trout have gone since late March and April.  More water, more hiding spots, I suppose.

Here's hoping your summer is a revolutionary one!

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