Monday, May 18, 2009

The Great Garden Experiment

OK, so Christel has her ducks and chickens. Quite an undertaking. Not to be outdone, I'm going back to a simpler time myself - I'm growing my own food.

It started out simple enough - a few tomato plants and various peppers:

Whiskey barrels filled with topsoil and a few plants just seemed too easy. A patch of uncultivated ground in the corner of the backyard began calling to me. So off we went!

After scouring the Internet for tips on vegetable gardens and learning about things like "compost" and "mulch" and "manure" and the like, I laid out my plan on paper. "15 feet X 10 feet ought to do it," I thought to myself without any actual clue. In any event, 10 X 15 is about all I want to try and conquer. Dad fired up the rototiller and I learned how to actually use one!

Rows. Everything in rows. I only had room for seven, and frankly that might be crowding things a bit. Two rows of corn, and one each of zuchinni, summer squash, green onions, lettuce, cucumbers. And a quick prayer! I had a typical supervisor (Arnie The Terrible), lounging in the shade yelling at me to work harder.

And what good is a garden without a scarecrow? Mine looks menacing. Even Arnie wasn't quite
sure what to make of him:

Lastly, I'm sure this endeavor will require some divine intervention in order to succeed. Never hurts to have some inspiration from God.

God Bless!

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