Friday, September 4, 2009

Like a kid on Christmas Eve...

...I'm anxiously awaiting the Sandman's arrival so I can quickly kill the next six hours and spend a long weekend with the best people in the world - my family. My waders are patched (again), flies tied, reels packed, tents cleaned, camera charged, and food for an army prepared. Tomorrow we're off for a long weekend in Redstone, Colorado - all ten of us! I'm hoping to get some quality angling time in on the Crystal, Roaring Fork, and Frying Pan rivers, but mostly I'm just excited to have a few days with parents, siblings, and the three coolest nephews in the world.

I'm not certain that anyone outside the ten of us will really care all that much, but I'll do my best to document the laughs, quibbles, and idiosyncracies that will undoubtedly give us all lasting memories. Getting the ten of us together for more than a few hours anymore is an accomplishment in and of itself. So forgive me if I overdo it with a laymen's version of photojournalism over the next few days.


1) Bears will be frightened away by high decibel snoring emanating from two separate tents and one hard-sided camper.
2) Matt will triumph on the bike ride.
3) Mom will beat me in Flinch.
4) Brenden will succumb to pyromania, and we'll all be warmer for it.
5) Dad will turn truck packing into a meticulous, precise, science.
6) Nick will learn how to flyfish (he has no choice, he's my nephew).
7) Christel will wonder what she's gotten herself into, and Matt will give her the "I told you so" look.
8) Cameron will make a brilliant legal argument about a yet to be decided issue.
9) Heather will be organized, efficient, and game for anything, as always.
10) Chris will avoid stepping over barbed wire in his fishing waders (that's an inside joke).
11) I will be at peace, if only for a few days.
12) God will travel with us and bless us.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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