Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look to the fish!!

Well, it looks like Bin Laden's gotten his knickers all in a bundle again, picking a fight with Obama on the 9/11 anniversary and now warning the Germans to pack up their NATO-colored lederhosen and get out of Afghanistan.

The poor guy's turban is too tight. Someday I'd like to take him trout fishing, just to see how civilized we infidels (and our fish) are. 'Course I'd like to waterboard him in the Poudre afterwards, but first I'd show him that people, just like fish, can live together in civility. Then again, I wouldn't want his cave dwelling stank to soil my favorite river, so maybe he'll just read this blog sometime and see for himself.

Ebony and ivory (ok, brown and rainbow), living together in perfect harmony. Coexisting peacefully in the very same neighborhood. Imagine that!

Look to the fish, Usama! In a world where nobody can seem to get along, we all need to take a cue from our aquatic friends. It is possible to live with one another in peace

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