Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comfort Zone, Schmomfort Zone.

Yeah, stupid title. I know. Cut me some slack, I'm tired.

I'm not a great angler. I just have a great time angling.

Doesn't matter where. Doesn't matter when. Point me to a stream and I'll throw a line into it. And sometimes, I'll actually catch something.

Took a road trip with my brother this weekend to watch a dog show, do a little fishin', and hang out. The tame kind of road trip...the kind that 40 year-old's take. He's very happily married. I'm very happily single, but old and no longer into "partaaaaaying!" We both ate too much Mexican food one night. That's about as wild as it got. We complained about our respective intestinal issues and tried not to ruin each others' sleep with our respective snoring.

Anyway, clear down in Pueblo we were away from our "home waters" on the mighty (and familiar) Poudre. Let me just applaud the town of Pueblo, Colorado and the Colorado Department of Wildlife for essentially creating a tremendous trout stream on the Arkansas River below the Pueblo Reservoir. Chris and I only fished it for a few hours this morning, and neither of us landed anything of significance, but we both had fish hit on nymphs and dries. Lots of great surface action. If we'd had a day or two to learn the hatch and learn the water, I have no doubt we'd have had serious action on the Arkansas. What a great stretch of water, and a reasonable $6 park pass. Beats $300/day for an overpriced guide.

Fun to get out of the comfort zone for a day.

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