Friday, May 21, 2010

Gold Stoneflies

Making preparations for some nymphing here at Flywriter HQ.  I caught some beauties on this type of fly last summer here on the good ol' Poudre.  I picked one up from Hatch and the guys down at St. Pete's and brought it home to try and replicate with the materials I have on hand.  As usual, mine's uglier than the pro's version, but I think I can make this one work.  It's actually a pretty easy pattern to tie, as much as I hate working with goose biots.  With a little fine tuning, I think I can mass produce a bunch of these.

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Jim said...

Is the pro's version the bottom one, or did you make that one? It's awesome! Keep up the good work, John. I also enjoy reading your news links. The Flywriter has become one of my major sources of news!