Friday, May 7, 2010

Uncivilized House Guests (or, the Flywriter gets hit by terrorists)

Some may have wondered if I was being a little paranoid in demanding background investigations for cairn terriers prior to allowing them anywhere near the vegetable garden. 

Tonight, I had a couple of them visit the house, causing me to fall victim to a low-level domestic terrorist attack.  They came to the house under the guise of needing "dog-sitting" while their owners (ahem) ventured out on a "getaway" to an unspecified mountain resort community.  I say unspecified to protect the innocent.

A mere two hours after infiltrating my quiet abode in an operation utilizing unprecedented espionage tradecraft, the terrorists struck.  Their intended victims?  Two large bunches of entirely innocent dry fly hackle; one white, one bi-racial.  The aftermath was sheer carnage:


I'm happy to report that with prompt medical attention, both bunches of hackle are expected to survive, although they have been permanently disfigured.

The Flywriter is offering a reward for the successful prosecution of the suspected saboteurs, identified only be the nommes-de-guerre of "Brooke" and "Kyra."


Additional investigation indicates that the suspects caused more carnage than originally thought, likely the result of a separate, coordinated attack on the garden. Exhibits A and B for the record document surreptitious entry into carrot and corn holdings.

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