Thursday, December 2, 2010

27 in 27, Day Five: The Adams

This little bug - tied here in a size 22 - is one of my go to dry flies on the Poudre, particularly in the early spring, when small BWO and PMD hatches dominate the aquatic life on the surface.  Considered one of the universal classic dry flies, I've found the Adams to be an effective both in its own right and as an alternative to either the BWO or PMD, particularly when those hatches are so prevalent that a slightly different looking bug seems to draw the attention of actively feeding trout.  Of course, who knows?  Maybe it's just been dumb luck for me.

Hook:  Size 22
Wings:  Grizzly hackle tips
Hackle:  Grizzly
Body/Thorax:  Hair's ear dubbing
Tail:  Grizzly hackle tip

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