Sunday, December 5, 2010

27 in 27, Day Eight: Blue Poison Tung

I don't know much, but of two things I am reasonably certain:  1) there is a God, and I'm not him; and 2) some guys and gals like tying microscopic midges, and I ain't one of them.

Since I'm certain that some - if not all - of the components of this valiant effort of mine stray from the original recipe, I'm almost wanting to name the fly pictured here the "Patience Tester."  After a few attempts at this size 22 bug, I at least finally figured out an easier way to get the bead head on by holding the eye of the hook in a pair of needlenose pliers and then lowering the business end of the hook into the hole in the bead.  Still, the little hooks gave me fits.  On at least three occasions I had to start over after snapping the thread on the barb as I wrapped it around the shank.  When I read about folks who tie bugs down in the 30 range, I shake my head in amazement with a new found respect for midge tiers.

I give you the Blue Poison Tung (once again...sort of)

Hook:  Size 22
Head:  Small tungsten bead
Thorax:  White ice dubbing
Body:  Gray thread, small blue micro-wire

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