Saturday, December 4, 2010

27 in 27, Day Seven: The Poison Tung

You'll recall that when I started this project, one of my objectives was to broaden my horizons - both on the water and at the vise - and start building an inventory beyond my typical go-to flies (BWOs, Caddis, PMDs, PTs, and Princes).  This broadening will cover both ends of the size spectrum, from small midges to large streamers and maybe even a hopper or two.  I've not yet made any serious efforts on any of the above.

To start, I'll be tackling some midges for a few days.  Yesterday, I tied a simple Brassie.  Today's fly, a variation (as always) of Charlie Craven's Poison Tung, was literally a physical challenge for me.  I used a size 22 hook, which is small for my big, clumsy fingers.  I had difficulty getting the midge tubing connected to the bend in the hook, and had even more difficulty getting the maddeningly small bead head onto the hook. 

It's far from a perfect replica, I'm sure.  You'll have to forgive the constant "variations."  It's largely a function of me trying to make do with the materials that I have on hand rather than making constant trips to the fly shop for new materials I can't really afford at present. 

My first attempt at the Poison Tung:

Hook:  Size 22
Head:  Small tungsten bead
Thorax:  Hair's Ear dubbing
Body:  Black midge tubing
Thread:  Charcoal micro


Colorado Angler said...

The thing I love about tying flies? There is no 'right' or 'wrong'.

Looking forward to more as the days go by...

JEG said...

Thanks for checking it out, and for the encouragement!