Sunday, December 5, 2010

27 in 27, Day Nine: The Lazy Boy Emerger

Courtesy of the Midge Man over at Poudre Canyon Chronicles, this fly works nicely for me as a hack flytier who has yet to master the split tail of the RS2.  In keeping with the "use what you have on hand" theme, the tail is comprised of flourofiber with some color in it.  The gold ice dubbing comes out a bit hairy, but I'm assuming that won't matter much under water.  I had some decent luck on the Poudre with this one as a trailing fly behind a big caddis.   

I'll try my hand at an RS2 later, but I filled a row in the flybox with this one tonight. 

Hook:  Size 20
Thorax/body:  Charcoal thread covered in Gold Ice Dubbing
Wing:  White antron
Tail:  Dark sparkle flourofiber

1 comment:

Midge Man said...

I think you'll have some fun with this little one and fuzzy is fine! They actually fish a little better when they're roughed up a bit.