Wednesday, December 8, 2010

27 in 27, Day Ten: The Best Damn Scud Pattern, Period (tied by one of the worst damn scud tiers, period!)

I can honestly say I've fished a scud pattern once, on a lark.  It was a slow day on the Poudre, and I scraped up some rocks from the bottom of the stream and found a small, gelatinous, squirming thing in my hand.  Knowing what I know now, it was a surely just a fat aquatic worm, and I'd have been better off tying on an annelid or a San Juan Worm to match it.  At the time, however, I looked in my flybox in an effort to find something that looked like what I had in my hand.  In the box, I noticed something that looked like a shrimp - I think it was covered in something like epoxy.  Or hell, maybe super glue.  I tied it on, and promptly caught...nothing.

Nonetheless, I'm broadening my horizons here, and out of respect for an obviously skilled angler who flat out consistently catches hog trout and has a flair for writing hilarious fly flishing prose (he occasionally refers to himself as Alpha Male, a label I like to apply to myself on rare occasions), I decided to mimic his scud. He calls it the "Best Damn Scud Pattern, Period."  I followed the tutorial on the pattern, and I think I stuck to the recipe pretty closely.  And yeah, I realize I went overboard on the tail fibers - I just don't have the energy to clip it, take another photo, and upload it.  Otherwise, I hope I did it justice, or at the very least haven't embarrassed the man behind the scud.  If the latter, I take full responsibility, and encourage the reader to view the links to the original recipe.  While you're there, you'll read some great stories and see pictures of some of the best trout in Colorado.

Here's the Best Damn Scud Pattern, Period!  You'll just have to trust me.

Hook:  Size 16 Light Wire Scud
Tail:  Pheasant Tail fibers
Thread:  Does it matter?
Thorax/abdomen:  Gold Ice Dubbing
Rib:  Red Ultra Wire (small)

1 comment:

Colorado Angler said...

Catching up on my blog reading, and imagine my surprise to see your post!

Thanks for kind words, and you do me an honor by tying it.

I've fished a LOT of scud patterns in my time, and this one, hands down, has been the most effective.

This fly is actually a Frankenstein of attributes that I took from a wide variety of scuds patterns I've come across over the years.

Bottom line, it works.

Thanks for the did the fly proud...and I hope you catch some monsters on it.

When the Canyon opens back up, maybe we should hit it together...put the BDSPs to the test!